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Gare Maritime, Marigot, 97150 Saint Martin FWI, France
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Under the impetus of an experienced and contented crew, well supported by a dynamic and customer-oriented shore crew, Voyager has made its mark in recent years

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Voyager has the most modern vessels combining speed and comfort, with services and packages specially designed for its customers. The little details it offers its passengers or its packages that constantly evolve, have enabled Voyager to become the leading carrier between St Martin and St Barths.

Established in 1994, Compagnie Voyager has adapted and developed over the years to meet the wishes of tourists, but also to the needs of the residents of the islands of St Barthelemy and St Martin. Very involved since its beginnings in local associative life, the company Voyager gradually distinguished itself with its values and its ethics, deciding to promote the local economy of the island of Saint Barthelemy, while engaging in environmentally friendly behavior by a series of specific actions:

The only company to have based a ship in St Barthélemy for more suitable schedules
Promotes the hiring of staff that live in St Barths for better local relations encourages day visitors to choose one of our packages to give priority to providers from the local economy, but also ensures our passengers enjoy the best possible trip to St Barths according to their personal tastes.

Assists many local and regional associations, especially those involved with young people

Actively participates in rescue operations at sea. Of particular note is the aid given to St Barths during cyclone Luis in 1995, or the rescue of 3 passengers of an airplane that crashed at sea just before nightfall in 2014.

Uses a new generation hydrofoil to preserve the environment.
For example, our Voyager3 Dreamliner ship emits four times less CO2 than an airplane on the same route from St Martin to St Barths (per kilometer travelled per passenger) and 25% less than a conventional or older ferry!

Development of a greener electronic reservation system to limit the use of paper.

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